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A Day In The Life, Adventures in Night City: Episode OneLife in Night City is dangerous but fun. Following V down the rabbit hole could be hazardous to your health...
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A Day In The Life, Adventures in Night City: Episode One

Life in Night City is dangerous but fun. Following V down the rabbit hole could be hazardous to your health…

Posted by John iyney
On April 16, 2021 1 Comment

A quick contract

Waking up in her newly decorated apartment with a blistering hangover V thought:
Damn, didn’t line anything up for today, gotta clear my head

One cheeky shower later and feeling a little more Human, it was time to roll. Well, at least in theory

Might have to get some more furniture upgrades V thought, walking out of the bathroom. A snack from the vending machine in mind, thoughts turned to the day ahead

Unable to decide upon a course of action, with it turning out to be a fresh and sunny morning, our debaucherous merc decided to go for a drive. That’ll get the synapses firing again.

Chuckling to herself, mildly impressed with how she’d managed to scuff the new paint job on the 911 within a day V thought: Gah! I still need to get it touched up, FML!

She’d fixed the mirrors recently as well, one thing after another with cars, well…cars and bullets never were gonna be a good match.

I know where I’ll go V thought, the temple… that’ll work.

This was the spot. Away from the noise and the hustle of the city the temple was a taste of sanity amongst the madness… A good place to silence the mind..

A little meditation always helped put things back into focus. After a little herbal remedy, V decided to go see one of her fixers, Regina for a kill contract.

Contract taken, it was the Speeder Bike’s turn for a burn. Fresh air was helpful on a day like this and speed is a good adrenaline awakener for an incoming kill mission.

Fixer said target is somewhere near Megabuilding 04. “OK, there it is, game on.”

Getting closer now, better get ready for action. A kind of cold clarity had taken over, the hunt was on. Kill or be killed, the primal reptilian part of the brain was in command now.

They’re here somewhere, I can feel it…

Boom, Gotcha! Time for a drink… Regular brain function began to return as the adrenaline surge wore off causing V to feel on edge. Too seasoned to get the shakes still it never got any easier all this killing…

“Hey Claire, Gimme a Jackie Wells will ya, had a bit of work to do, need to unwind…”

“Sure thing hun, same old streets huh?”

“Yeah, something like that, does it ever change…?”


Instead of home V decided to find a party, not too long before she spotted one of the edited posters to point the way to the raves. The Feds had never sussed – must be getting close, now probably on the beach somewhere she thought…

“….Aaand there is it, bass. The shizzle’s going down near here…”

Yeah bitchez always a party in Pacifica!!! The dude with the cans though, what’s his deal, looking a bit wonky!

V liked this DJ, he knew her favourite tunes and never failed to drop a few bangers for her to vibe to… “Cuz from the hood I came and to the hood I must return! ……I’m a Junglist!”

Hmm, one dab too many… just gonna lie down for a bit… “One day, one day I’ll learn….hmm…cosy…”

“This is an unofficial fan work and is not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED™”.

Thanks to the authors and contributors of Reshade and the Nexus modding community as well as of course CD Projekt Red™, creators of Cyberpunk 2077©. Without the fantastic work of all of the above the hours of fun and these works of fantasy would not have been possible.

Cyberpunk Autonomous ReShade – True HDR by Vanguard1776 Borderlandfy2077 by SALMONELLA SuperVision  by SALMONELLA Cyber Engine Tweaks by awpsoleet redscript by jac3km4 RED4ext by WopsS Optimized Raytracing by romelsalwi DLSS Mirror Fix and DLSS Sharpness by SilverEzredes Draw Distance Boost by sjbox Save Editor (Project CyberCAT-SimpleGUI) by Snapdragon2 PixelRick/CyberpunkSaveEditor · GitHub Female Valerie by Alexis79 Dunmr’s NPC Complexions for V by dunmr Mox Tattoo by wilo84 Get the thermal katana without mods by WinrooAlternate Crowd Behavior and other tweaks by MelancholyM Better First Person Perspective bypoedgirl Realistic Driving Experience  by hunter04119 Immersive Roleplay by donk74 Harder Gameplay by mancika Sneak by mancika Level Scaling and Balance by rmk1234 Sorted Menus by djkorvik Unlock NightCity by 3nvy CITY H4CK by specikk CyberPunk 2077 Audio Overhaul by Floys2099 Trash Be Gone – Disassemble All Trash Button byReki72 Always First Equip by djkovrik Minimal Markers by pyide Muted Markers by djkovrik Non-Hideable Hud Removal by XxCRAZYPO Lamborghini Terzo Millennio (Rayfield Caliburn Swap) by ysl456 Sell Stolen Car Mod by ThalonMook Object Mover by Tytheus Cyber Eye Tracking by JayD7 Photo Mode Poses – Handgun Set 01  by SilverEzredes Better Vehicle First Person by Bonaniki GTA Travel by NexusGuy999 Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits by rmk1234 Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix – No More Blinding Lighting Changes by Dravic1 Better Melee  by ShadauxCat CP77 Tools  by rfuzzo Halvkyrie’s Misc Clothing and Wearables by Halvkyrie Photo Mode Poses – Alt Set 01 bySilverEzredes No Camera Auto Centering by djkovrik Custom Fon by BadAssGodFather V’s Apartment Renovation by dimasnik Original Braindance Animations by zeurx Untrack Quest or Job with a Button Key Press and Automatically Track Again when needed (Disable Tracking) by Dravic1 Cyberpunk Outer Eye Collection by ladybella Kirk’s Glasses and Cyberware by Echorra Better Minimap by WillyJL Holo World – Holographic Fashion and FashionWare by Shinigami777 Better Cleavage by Shaundi452Blade runner 2077 World ads v2.2 by AK47OGCollection of Cyberpunk 2077 Eyes Mod by ladybellaButter My V by SilverEzredes Spicy HUDs – More UI and HUD colors  by  spicy2332 Full Swim Suit Without Clipping – All Color and Decal Variants by Echorra New digital advertising byBryss33 Blade runner 2077 Better Finer Rain by  AK47OG ErebusArms – Hecate Antipersonnel Launcher – Corpo Launcher by ErebusEquity ErebusArms – Kopis Concealed Mechanical Blades – Corpo Mantis Blades by ErebusEquity ErebusArms – Hurcule Synthetic Muscle System – Corpo Gorilla arms by ErebusEquity 4K PBR Gold Masterpiece replacement for Judy’s tank by ViscteBlade Runner 2077 Part 1 by  AK47OG Blade Runner 2077 Part 2 Los Angeles Hologram Fast travel Map v1.2 by  AK47OG Blade Runner 2077 Part 2 Screens v1.0 by  AK47OG Blade Runner 2077 Part 2 Vending machines and Buttons V1.8 FINAL by  AK47OG Blade Runner 2077 Part 2 Lizzies Joy Toy Posters V1.0 by  AK47OG  Blade Runner 2077 Part 2 Vector boards v1.45 by  AK47OG Blade Runner Series Hologram Projectors Updated v1.3 by  AK47OG Blade Runner Series Japan Town Geisha V1.0 Fixed by  AK47OG by Nikoli Sculpted by aimicoJackie’s Arch Recolor  by EarrindoTake a ride on STAR WARS Speeder Bike in Cyberpunk 2077 by anygoodnameDeath Star Moon by AalcardazWet Dream Ad Retexture by andthefish Customized UI Notifications by andwhat112 Custom Samurai Jackets by Spookie CL Velvet and Furs by aurel6273 Porsche 911 Turbo Custom Paintjobs by BlackHoot Yankee and the Brave (RTJ) Poster bygumbo632 Blade runner 2077 Bullet Hole decals by  AK47OG

An honourable mention to WolvenKit by traderain and the team for all they bring to this and the Witcher 3.

If you own a steering wheel on PC you can also follow this guide to get it working which is well worth it with the realistic driving overhaul…

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