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Defend the Stanton System from the XenoThreat Incursion.

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On April 1, 2021 No Comments


The Civilian Defense Force, also known as the CDF, is a UEE volunteer militia program designed to provide military and law enforcement additional support during times of crisis. 

An outlaw group known as XenoThreat has launched a campaign of violence in the Stanton System and the Navy has requested CDF support to help combat the scourge. Preaching a viciously anti-UEE and xenophobic rhetoric, XenoThreat forces have been responsible for dozens of attacks against civilian and corporate structures.

Looking to gear up and join the fight? The Navy and CDF are putting out the call to pilots of the following ships to fight back against the XenoThreat incursion. These civilian versions of the military’s finest vessels are perfect for battling through XenoThreat marauders and taking out their Idris flagships.

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